Tuesday, February 6, 2007

There's No Place Like Home

I love going on an occasional trip and I really love coming back home. Especially with brand new photographs and a huge desire to start painting again. And that should resume tomorrow.

My time in San Francisco was just fantastic. I took pictures around the city for two and a half days - all that leading up to the opening of my show on Saturday night. I can tell you that one minute it was 6 and the next time I looked at the clock it was nearly 9 and people were saying their 'goodnights'. I was so very proud. There were 25 paintings showcased and by the end of the weekend, 18 had sold. I still can't believe it.

You know..... there was a moment, when I was standing near the coast, looking at the Golden Gate Bridge and the bright, blue sky ....... thinking to myself, I am in San Francisco and my artwork is in a gallery ...... my God........how cool is that? Amazing. It was just amazing.

A Big Thank You for all the encouraging comments as I was progressing with the work for the show - to those who purchased my paintings - and to those who took the time to come meet me and see my paintings in person. All of that drives me and I appreciate it. Now it's back to the paints and a new series of daily pieces that are all about San Francisco.


Tracy Helgeson said...

Wow! 18 out of 25?! That is so impressive. Congratulations! Your work is beautiful and I am pleased that your opening was so successful.

Jelaine Faunce said...

San Francisco has a special place in my heart because it's where my parents met and married. Plus, it's freakin' GORGEOUS.

I am thrilled that your show did so well! And, I can't wait to see your new works. Welcome home!

Sally Shisler said...

You are an inspiration to me - an artist who I admire and hope to be like "when I grow up". It's amazing when we have those moments when everything just lines up. You surely have worked hard and are putting out what was needed. Keep it coming, and congratulations on a true achievement!


Danny Griego said...

Wow, that's awesome Karin! Keep ridin' that high. It's no surprise you had success at your show. Your works speaks clearly for itself. I hope someday to own one of your little gems.

Mona Diane Conner said...


Congratulations on your successful show, and also on all that you have done with your blog. I am a fellow artist. Thank you so much for the great inspiration I am receiving from your art and from your example. What I appreciate, equally along with your beautiful paintings, is all of your joy about it all. It is as much a pleasure to read your commentary as it is to see each painting. Congratulations on the great happiness you bring to yourself and others through your art.

all best wishes, Mona

Carol Cooper said...

Kudos for your very successful show!
San Francisco is one of the most beautiful cities so I'm looking forward to seeing your new paintings!

Anonymous said...

I've been visiting your blog and admiring your paintings for several months now. I loved the spirit of this post--so joyful and grateful. Congratulations on all your successes.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping your avid appreciators up to the minute on
your art show and endeavors. It
is a thrill to see your work
and see all the praise that you
deserve. Your work is so incredible...and I too look forward to seeing more. Nina

Alisha K. Ard said...

Congratulations on your show! Your work is incredible and you deserve all the success that you have worked to achieve. I'm looking forward to your daily paintings of San Francisco ;-)

Best Wishes!
Alisha K. Ard

Making A Mark said...

Many congratulations on your show and your sales - but it is of course very much deserved.

I made a very brief visit to San Francisco last July and am hoping to go back so will be looking forward to seeing what you do with the photos.

Tony Vassallo said...

That you create a beautiful painting from just about anything you look at is teaching these old eyes how to "see" again. Thank you and continued success.