Thursday, October 31, 2013

"200 Faces, No. 127"

6 x 6"
oil on panel

I've been away from the paints long enough to miss them.  I took some time off to travel to the coast, deliver three new paintings to the Morris & Whiteside Gallery, take some photos on the beach, play with Zac & Joey and carve 5, yes 5, Jack O'Lanterns.  Actually Brett carved 4 large ones and I carved a small one.  

At the beach, I met up with two artists who previously took my workshop - always fun being with artists.  One thing very unusual happened on the beach one of those days, I saw a man walking his dog and I recognized him as someone I had painted before.  That never happens.  I spoke to him briefly and told him he and his two dogs are immortalized in a painting and gave him the webpage.  I can't believe I had the guts to tell him.  


When I got back to Atlanta, I went to the art supply store to stock up on paint and found these new colors by Gamblin - if you're interested, read my latest post on Karin Jurick Paints.

It's good to be back to work.

The painting on the top of this post is a new addition to my ongoing series BUST-ED, is a bit different than my previous portraits in that I offset the woman down in the left corner - totally inspired by watching Boardwalk Empire a couple of weeks ago.  I get a lot of ideas on color combinations and formats from television.  Boardwalk Empire is particularly stunning, visually.   I painted this woman on a raspberry-red ground, you can see the color peek through in several places which I love.

~ Happy Halloweeeeeeen

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Break Time

Hi ya'll ~

I'm doing other stuff and will return to painting the last week of October.

Meanwhile ~  a friendly reminder I have 1 Tabletop Easel  left.

See you back here soon.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

"Plaza Sunning"

8 x 8"
oil on panel

I've talked about this before - how many artists will be very happy with a finished painting and the same reaction isn't felt by the audience.  It happens to me frequently.  

Such was the case with a recent painting I did of this woman.  On my first attempt, I played around with a thick, red ground and proceeded to pull off the lighter areas with thinner and darken where needed, with a touch of tinting.  And I liked it a lot.

(first stab)

But it seemed no one else did.   

So I've been staring at it all day and wondering what to do with it other than fling it across the yard.  And at a rather late hour in the afternoon, I started adding color and the more I did, the more I loved it.  That doesn't insure a shared opinion by others, but I'm happy.

A woman taking advantage of a sunny lunch hour in the plaza in front of the John Hancock Building in Chicago.

Monday, October 7, 2013

"200 Faces, No. 126"

4 x 4"
oil on panel

A new addition to my ongoing series BUST-ED.

Again, I painted on a pink/orange ground.  Around the forehead I washed on tones and as I moved down the layers became a bit thicker with oils.  Just moving the paint around in different ways to feel out the results.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

"Lincoln Highway/Old Houses,Logan,Iowa"

5 x 5"
oil on panel

A new addition to my ongoing series The Lincoln Highway - where you take a sharp right to continue on Highway 30 thru the small Iowa town, Logan.

I tried something a little different today and washed a zingy pink/red on the white ground and proceeded on top of that with loose, slightly diluted oils and kept small glimpses of the ground color.  Brett says it feels like evening with that warm pink on the edges.  I love it.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Hilton Head Art Auction

Just a reminder - the Hilton Head Art Auction takes place this Saturday, the 5th and one of my paintings, 'Folly Beach Book Club' will be included in this event.

14 x 7"
oil on panel

If you have an interest in participating in the auction, you may do so by phone - just call the Morris & Whiteside Gallery to register or ask questions. 

And, of course, I greatly appreciate your interest and bidding.  

For a larger view and contact information, please click here.

And.... you can browse the catalog of all the artworks on auction here.