Sunday, May 26, 2013

"The Sentinel"

6 x 6"
oil on panel

I mentioned I finally updated the section of my website that features my small, daily paintings and realized I was short two to total 500.  That amazed me - 500.  I started painting those in January of 2006 before I painted full-time, before I joined galleries, before I ever imagined I could make a living as an artist.  I started a blog on the very day I painted my first one - a fairly new thing back then.

If you do the math, I painted 500 in the span of about 2,675 days - so although my intentions were to make it a daily exercise, in between, I painted hundreds of others for galleries - not to mention life happens and sometimes I just don't paint.  

The best thing that comes out of these small pieces is practice.  I discovered subjects I thought I had no interest in.  I got feedback thru the years of what strikes an interest in others.  I experimented with different ground colors.  It's liberating in many ways to just paint for a couple of hours and accomplish something.

Try it.  Get some small canvases or panels, buy some paint, take some photos of all different things or set up a still-life.  Buy one of Brett's Tabletop Easels or Altereasels and set up a place just for you.  You've got nothing to lose and you'll enjoy it.  

Oh yeah,  the raven.  I spotted him watching over the beach on Hilton Head Island.

~ For now, go barbeque something and have a great holiday.

Saturday, May 25, 2013


7 x 5"
oil on panel

A glistening, iridescent sardine I named Sammy.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

"Trenched Upon"

9 x 11"
oil on panel

This is a great time of the year - lots to do once the sun comes out for good.  It's the first May in five years I haven't had to ready for a workshop and travel - so I got to plant tons of flowers and really enjoy every day at home.  I've updated my website which has inspired me to design some new books of my small, daily paintings - I'm two short of a total of 500, so as soon as that's done, I'll get to that much-needed project.  Yay.

I've joined an Atlanta gallery as a guest artist - Anne Irwin Fine Art.  They have several of my favorite painters in the gallery - Terry Miura, Ken Auster,  Dan and Danny McCaw - it's a priviledge
to be hung besides them.  

This new painting will arrive at Anne Irwin next week - a visitor viewing Piet Mondrian's 'Lozenge Composition with Yellow, Black, Blue, Red and Gray', in the Art Institute of Chicago.

Please click here for a larger view and purchase information.  And please visit Anne Irwin Fine Art when you get a chance.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

"Big Brother"

14 x 6"
oil on panel

I saw this guy and his two dogs on the beach every day while we were in Hilton Head.   It was something to aspire to - teaching Zac and Joey how to walk each other.  How great is that?

Please click here for a larger view and purchase information.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

"Tanning Tubes"

6 x 6"
oil on panel

I took a week off of painting for some spring cleaning - meanwhile the sun and the warmth finally arrived.  Yay.   This new painting is an ode to late spring and the anticipation of floating in a swimming pool as soon as possible.  Plus I just got a new tube of Quinacridone Violet for that hot pink I wanted.