Wednesday, April 25, 2012


We're happy to be home - our cross-country road trip was fabulous, Zac & Joey were excellent travelers and although it included a flat tire in Oklahoma, a speeding ticket in Texas, a car repair in San Francisco, a warning ticket in Nebraska and we managed to lock all 3 sets of keys in the car in Iowa - you learn to go with the flow.  Traveling is dynamic.  And the experience of going thru forests, deserts, farmlands, canyons and mountains is worth it.  

I set up a blog RoadRunners 2012 if you're interested in a few photos, including the workshop I held in San Francisco, which was fantastic.  If you get on the blog, rewind and start with the first post - our trip from Atlanta to San Francisco.  We traveled mostly on Hwy 40 going west, then up the coast to San Francisco, where we arrived on the 8th day.  The new post includes some workshop pictures and our trip going east then home.  We had to detour south to avoid a snowstorm on Hwy 80, then cut back up through Las Vegas, through Utah and joined up with Hwy 70 to Denver - then cut north to the Lincoln Hwy (30) through Nebraska and Iowa.  The photo above is one of the last we took, on the Grant Wood Byway, before we motivated to home, where we arrived on the 8th night.

We traveled 6,300 miles, through 14 states and we continuously saw paintings in our heads on every turn and over every mountain.  Truly the most inspirational experience of my life.  Do it when you can.

I need some recovery time and some catching up with chores - I'll be back to painting asap.