Sunday, November 18, 2012

Catching Up

Thanksgiving's a few days away and I'm psyched for the way the kitchen smells when the turkey's roasting and eating my weight in sweet potato casserole. 

I've spent the past weeks finishing up the new work for a dual show in December with Ken Auster - and I've put my paints away for a short while to simply enjoy the holiday week.  Before I get busy in the kitchen, I wanted to post the paintings I did at the recent workshop - a demo and sometimes two every day - which I try to include a variety of subjects.

Starting with Monday's demo, which I share the original reference photo and the students paint their versions the following day .....

10 x 8"

Tuesday's demo...
 8 x 8"

Wednesday morning's demo...
6 x 6"

Wednesday afternoon's demo, starring our dog Joey...

7 x 5"

Thursday's demo, from a police mugshot...

4 x 4"

and Friday's demo.

8 x 8"

My next workshop is in New York City, held at the National Academy on 5th Avenue - an amazing place to paint, a goldmine of imagery to capture.  The date is next May, the Tuesday after Memorial Day - and Sedona Arts Center is who you want to contact if you're interested in signing up.  The details are on the right-side column of this blog.

Another reminder that Brett has brand-new Tabletop Easels available as well as brand-new AlterEasels --- now there's a perfect gift for an artist if someone needs a hint.

And I'll be back to painting next weekend, meanwhile ~
 wishing you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving

Monday, November 5, 2012

Live, Work & Play Time

My apologies for not posting during the past two weeks.  By the time we arrived in Hilton Head - after days of packing and go-go-go,  I just removed myself from the real world including my iPad, email, laptop, phone and took a long, deep breath and relaxed for a change.

 our little slice of heaven

 Our Beach Boys - Zac and Joey

A couple of days later our friends, Karen and Neil Hollingsworth, joined us for a much-needed break from the routine.

 Brett and Karen

 Brett, the dogs and Neil

After they left, the weather reports started coming in about Sandy, and for a while, we weren't sure if we were in the path of the storm - just glued to the ever-changing news and hoping for the best.  I was mainly concerned about my workshop students who were on their way - turned out everyone arrived safe and sound during the weekend which was a great relief.

 rougher seas

The workshop started last Monday, I was joined by my assistant, Kelli, from the Sedona Arts Center and twenty-one of the most warm, friendly, eager and talented women - five which came back for another round.  I knew after the first day how very lucky I was to have such a great group of broads and they made my week so enjoyable.  Thanks to all who spent the week with me, I am recharged and more motivated than ever.

 my gals hard at work

 an exercise painting mugshots

 immersed in our stuff, enjoying the paints

It needs to be said - being at the beach for two weeks, watching the sun rise right outside my window every morning and the moon rise every evening to wish us a good night's sleep - being in the company of strong, fabulous women who love to paint and talk about art - sharing my down-time with the guy and the pups I love so much - knowing the storm and that mighty sea we walked beside every day reeked havoc in many lives and destroyed those homes they've worked hard to build and nurture - it was humbling and a profound reminder of how grateful we are for being back home safe and sound and having each other.

Peace to All

Please donate to the Red Cross today and help all those affected by Sandy.