Sunday, February 18, 2007

"Life in Layers"

6 x 6"

oil on masonite


At times, when I start a painting like this, I think of how I can avoid the visual confusion of all the layers of activity. Paintings can be too busy especially compressed into a 6" square. Generally I start from the back, like the buildings across the street, and work my way in. I am very pleased with this piece, a little depiction of life in the big city.

Thus began the morning of my first day in San Francisco, fueling up with a Starbucks Mocha Cappacino and muffin to go.


Mark Oberndorf said...

This one is so great, Karin. I love interior views looking outside and vice-versa.

p.s. I LOVE your response to whomever left you the "training wheels" comment a few days ago!
I almost fell off my chair!

Edward B. Gordon said...

another masterpiece !

kaycrain said...

love this..very warm. you pack a lot of punch in a small square of masonite.

O.K. Mark had me intrigued so I had to go find the 'training wheels' post and response. Knowing your feelings along these lines, I too was ROFL!!

Anonymous said...

In all honesty I laughed about the training wheels comment too. However I often say (and I'm a teacher of kids who aren't as well behaved as my dogs) that everyone should raise a dog that doesn't misbehave or bother the neighbors before they even think about having a child. Even raising a good dog isn't preparation for teen agers, I don't know what you'd have to know how to do to raise one of them, tame a lion!

Unknown said...

A lovely piece Karin, you really have captured the feeling of having a relaxing coffee while watching the world go by. Very inspirational for me!

Maysun said...

Beautiful. I really enjoy your work, Karin.