Thursday, July 5, 2007

"Star Gazers"

9 x 12"

oil on masonite


What I should be doing is finding something to wear at the opening Saturday night - but I wanted to paint instead. My way of staying calm. This new piece is a couple standing close to Vincent Van Gogh's masterpiece "The Starry Night", which hangs in the Museum of Modern Art, in New York City.

I'll be gone for a few days, thanks to all who wished me a great opening. I'm very excited and I'll let you know how it all went as soon as I get back home. Have a good weekend.

Please click here for a larger view.


Karen Appleton said...

Oh this is one of my favorites!! I love the body language between the couple, Van Gogh would be thrilled!

Georgette Stock said...

I have to agree with Karen Appleton, I too love the body language between the couple, as well as the overall tonal value of the painting and the great narrative you have created. You can't help but wonder what they are saying to each other. A gem of a painting to say the least. van Gogh said "love what you love." It is apparent Karin that you certainly do and love it well!


Cooper Dragonette said...

Karen! I was just at the MoMA this weekend, and saw this for the first time. Very fun to see it in your work. People looking at Richard Serra's sculptures might be fun too.

Todd Bonita said...

Hey karen,

Beautifull as usual. I love the backround color choice in your previous post, "Drawing". It's cool to observe your color choices, they all seem so perfect.

All my best to you,