Friday, July 20, 2007

"Boston Books"

11 x 14"
oil on masonite

I've kindof gotten lost in this latest painting - when I started it yesterday morning, I thought I must be nuts. All those books.......yikes. It's also one of those paintings where it's hard not to be too 'illustrative'. It's always on my mind to stay loose - get the point done with three brush strokes rather than ten. It's nice to end this day with a finished piece of work that I really am proud of.

Enjoy the weekend wherever you are.

Please click here for a larger view.


Jo Castillo said...

Ah Karin, You should be proud of this one (well, all of yours) because it is so well done. The whole story is there and beautiful colors, etc.

You are doing swell. :)


Anonymous said...

I see why you could get frustrated. I really love the lightness of your stroke in all these oils on masonite you do. Are the pics from the painting a day books all yours that you link to in your blogroll or its a collective?

wanda knight said...

You should be VERY proud, Karen. Being a painter and a book lover I am in awe of all your book paintings. Well, Actually in awe of all your paintings.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing!


Cooper Dragonette said...

Wonderful Karin. The books are what make this painting. Good for you for going the whole nine yards! The end result was worth it.

Teaworthy said...

I love your work. This is incredible.