Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Opening in Asheville

The opening of my show was last Saturday evening, at the 16 Patton Gallery in Asheville. It was actually a dual show - with a North Carolina artist, Mase Lucas, who paints and photographs horses, which are all very striking. I want to thank all who took the time to come and especially took a moment to talk to me. I appreciate all of it.

As I was driving home Sunday, I realized a couple of things about how much I have benefited from the opening night. It's not often I get to talk with other artists, and there were a lot of them there. The feedback I get from other painters is so crucial, and I find myself learning more and more. Mostly I find I may be odd - in my choices of paint, my brushes, my medium, that I paint on black, etc. Chalk that up to no formal training - which I sometimes think is a good thing. You tend to find your own preferences and your own way and maybe your own place in the big world of art.

Another huge benefit to having a show is that I can see a collection of my own work in one place - I can see how they all relate to each other - and how people relate to the work. Painting one at a time, framing them, sending them off - I don't get that perspective otherwise. It really blows my mind when I step into the gallery and see the whole presentation. You learn a lot from that. It gives you an idea of how consistant you may or may not be, or how you favor certain colors, or even what may be really right (or wrong) about individual pieces. It also gave me the opportunity to step back and really enjoy all of them as a body of work. That's a cool thing.

It's a commitment, no doubt, to agree to having a show - but the motivation trumps the pressure. I think the benefits are far more than just the sales - it gives you a goal, a push and hopefully some recognition in the end. Anyways...... I'm back at it again today. Thanks again - for all the good wishes and the feedback along the way. I appreciate it all.


craigstephens said...

The pictures look like your paintings. Have you ever painted someone looking at one of your pieces? It could be like one of those infinite mirrors. Sounds like your show was a succes, congratulations!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the "no formal training" thought. I never had any in painting either. I love your work, Karin. Congratulations!


Jeff Mahorney said...

I was able to come up and see this show a few days before your opening night. It's wonderful to be able to see the colors and strokes in real life. I put my little doggy on my back and the gallery owner let us come in. She even took a picture of us because she thought you might get a kick out of it.

Anonymous said...

Karin.......Congratulations on your show. You simply must paint people looking at YOUR paintings. That would be awesome. ;)

I never had formal training either and I thank you for letting me 'pick your brain' when I first started painting again.I'm sure I was pesky and annoying (;D), but you always emailed me back with suggestions and comments.

I'm proud to own 3 'juricks' and enjoy seeing them every day.
Paint on, sistah!

r. chunn said...

Nice frames.

Jo Castillo said...

Karin, your show looks great, your paintings are great. Congratulations on the show. It is so wonderful and educational to see one's own work all together.

Thanks for sharing and teaching.


Linda said...

Karin, I live in Knoxville and have watched you create these pieces for this show for some time now. I'd REALLY hoped to get to Asheville to see the opening, but couldn't. Still, I want to tell you how much I love your work -- I send the link to your blog to all kinds of people!
;-D GREAT stuff!

olechko said...

congratulations! you are a true inspiration

Making A Mark said...

Karen - what a really impressive show of work - thank you for sharing. It's also nice to see lots of other people love your work too.

And that's a very thoughtful post - I'm including this in my weekly round-up on the 15th.

And thanks for the categorisation in the RH column! :D