Tuesday, July 31, 2007


6 x 6"

oil on masonite


There's nothing like a hot day in Atlanta to make me daydream of swimming in the ocean. I took a trip to South Beach a while back, first time I'd ever been. Visually speaking, it was non-stop inspiration for future paintings. Colors that don't present themselves in my normal day. Aquas, blues, purple-blues, yellows, golds - everything seemed intensified, especially from the sun.


Bob said...

I so look forward to viewing your beach paintings. The sun, tanned bodies, short skirts, sand and surf etc. I can't get out,so for me its a trip. I can feel the sun on my face and taste the ice cream. Keep it up Karin and give the galleries a break.

Todd Baxter Dawson said...

YAY!!!!!! BEACH PAINTINGS! Can't remember when I saw the last one-it's been too long! I absolutely love these gems. Can we see more? At the risk of being a nay-sayer, I do have to agree with Bob... I think you can give the galleries a break for a while... perhaps a very long while? ;-) Love the outdoor scenes, especially these. Keep up the great work, Karin.