Thursday, April 3, 2008

"Metropolitan Grill"

9 x 12"
oil on masonite

Yesterday was a difficult day here at home. Our dog, Petey, was having tests done at the vet - to determine if cancer had spread beyond what was removed several weeks ago. Honestly, all I could do to stay sane was to get lost in a painting. And with the recent exercises I'd done with the umber, I tried a larger scene, adding just a tint of warmth. I haven't decided if I'll keep working with more color or leave as is. For now, I just like looking at it.

At the end of the day, the news was pretty positive for our Petey - a great chance that we caught it early enough. Good news and hopefully many years ahead of chasing chipmunks.


n. rhodes harper said...

Yeah Petey!! A great big woof to you and your parents. As for this painting, well, all I can say is Oh My Gosh!! The best!!

Unknown said...

Great news on Petey! Karin are you familiar with creating in grisaille? Artists in the past have used this technique to simulate sculpture. It is a technique where you use black and white to create tints, just as you have done with umber. A way to take it a step further, which I see shades of in this work, is to complete the work in grisaille and then add color through oil glazes. I have had my students do this with some pretty interesting outcomes. The same could be done with an umber base very easily. I am attaching a link to Ingres' Odalesque in Grisaille at The Met in New York...enjoy!

Eden Compton Studio said...

I'm a long time fan Karin! I really like these umber paintings. Best wishes for Petey's speedy recovery!

Mona Diane Conner said...

Best wishes for Petey, Karin.

Can you answer the earlier question on the first umber painting as to whether you are working on black gesso or white?

It looked to me like white gesso on the first and second umber paintings, but I am not sure if you switched to white ground or if you are adding white to the umber to make its tonal variety. I used to work on a dark blue ground, and when I switched to white it was quite a challenge for me at first to make the adjustment successfully.

Love how it comes out looking like a monoprint on these. All three are great!

Beef Supreme said...

This a great blog. Love the work. I added you as a link. Definitely going to check back to see more. This scene reminds me of some past bar and grills that I used to go to back in college. Very nice mood.

Skeet Sirmons said...

Karin -

Best wishes to Petey. I love your work and look forward to every entry.

Making A Mark said...

Great news Karin - our pets do give us some heartache don't they?

Ann Byrd"s Painting Blog said...

Wow, Karin, your learning curve is so short! This painting is wonderful! Of course a lot is due to old skills you already know, great composition and value control. Still. I can well undertand why you cannot stop looking at it. You pushed the value construction to new heights with the umbers only technique, and that ceiling light seems to spread a beautiful glow over the entire painting. Sensational. Pet your Petey once extra for me. Such good news.....Ann