Wednesday, April 9, 2008

"In The Round"

14 x 9"
oil on masonite

I've held on to this painting for several years, and frankly, an impending tax return is motivating me to sell it. The scene is from the World War II Memorial, in Washington DC - and as I stood on the higher level, looking down on the people on the bench, I was completely mesmerized by the stark shadows zigzagging behind their legs. You know I love those shadows.


Jimmie Anne Stephens said...

I can see why you held on to this one, and I am sorry that you must let it go. It is fantastic as always. I, too, am facinated by the zigzag behind thier legs.

Anonymous said...

It is a lovely painting. You could try sending the painting itself to the IRS. Tell them the value and say they can apply the difference to your next year's taxes.

Manuela Valenti said...

beautiful!!! I love the dark sharp zigzagging shadows. The darker the shadows the more the impression of a bright sun.... hope you solve your taxes issue.

Jo Castillo said...

Great painting. I can see why you like it so much.