Wednesday, April 16, 2008

"Dog Show"

each is 6 x 6"

Real quick....... before I hit the road....... here's a couple of little dogs I bumped into at a local dog show. I hope to have a set of six, for an upcoming group show at 16 Patton, in Asheville.
Even more will be going in a few other galleries. Hope you enjoy them.

Please click here and here for a larger view and purchase information.

Happy Trails - I'll be back with something new Monday night.


Charlotte McDavid said...

These dogs are great. I can tell how much you love dogs. Hope Petey will be okay. Look forward to seeing more dogs.

Anonymous said...

No wonder these people didn't want to be painted. I'd hide my face too if I had to walk one of these homely little things.

They are well painted of course.

Jeff Mahorney said...

There are a million dog painting on the internet and I swear yours are the only ones I like. Why is that? Is it your treatment of light? The high contrast while maintaining chroma? Is it the interesting value composition? Whatever your magic is, I love it.

Austin Maloney said...

I agree with the previous post your work stands out.

Ruth Mabee said...

Wonderful paintings of dogs! I am a painter too and just created a blog. I put a link to your blog on my blog - hope that is all right with you. I love your paintings! Perhaps you'd like to check out my paintings too? I'm not a daily painter, but may get there yet.

Deb Schmit said...

Nice work! I have become a huge fan!
Really, so fresh and spontaneous!
Isn't this where we all want to be with our work? back to the easel!

Cooper Dragonette said...

Fantastic pieces Karin! The leashes really add to the dynamic of the compositions!