Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Visions of Seattle

I've been doing my homework today - for my visit to Seattle. I always attempt to map out where I should go - where the best visuals are - to photograph - to paint. I found this great website,, an ongoing project of a nice man named Bradford Bohonus, where he features VR (virtual reality) movies of cityscapes and landscapes, mostly of Seattle and Washington State. I've been transfixed on his site for hours. I emailed Mr. Bohonus early on, asking if he would recommend where I could find old, urban neighborhoods and vast countryside somewhat near Seattle. He's been a HUGE help and he may even have the time to shoot a VR movie of my opening at Howard/Mandville Gallery. How cool is that? Grab a glass of wine and enjoy his website, you'll love it.
Bradford also turned me on to this amusing website - showing how famous artists used photography (and you probably wouldn't have guessed).


Marilyn said...

I lived in the Seattle area for 20 years. You will have a fabulous time and can take a gazillion reference photos with hundreds of wonderful subject matters. Speaking of photos --- Sometime could you write in your blog how you take and use your photos. The people in your paintings have such great body language, it would seem that you get candid shots. Do folks know you are photographing them? Do you ask permission? Do you get them to pose? You are always able to get that great "attitude" in your gallery scenes.

I'm so happy for your success. Thanks for sharing with us.


Johnnie Sielbeck said...

Drive east to Issaquah & Snoqualmie Falls; drive up to Mt. Rainier. Take extra batteries and memory cards!!! Congratulations, wish I could be there for the opening.

n. rhodes harper said...

You nailed the chalk, but why would anyone think otherwise. Fun and wonderful.

Manuela Valenti said...

very nice about the amusing website and good luck on your trip to Seattle!

Lainey said...

I am looking forward to seeing your show. It will be special since I feel I know you a teeny bit by reading your blog over the last few months since finding you. The gallery is in Kirkland so walking the waterfront will be a great place to find shots for your style of painting. There are some nice little quaint shops, and coffee houses. The docks are interesting with a lot of sculpture and many people taking walks, rain or shine, and yarrow bay is gorgeous. For more open field areas take highway 2 out towards is a different feeling entirely than the city. Hope this helps and again I am looking forward to seeing all your great artwork up close and personal!

Dee Sanchez said...

Have a great time in Seattle. I have tagged your blog.
Dee Sanchez