Sunday, January 6, 2008

"Chocolate & Cherry Glazed Cheesecake"

6 x 6"
oil on masonite

This beautiful, sculptured work of sweetness was one of three slices of cheesecake that I helped devour on New Year's Eve. Before I went back to counting calories.

It gives me great pleasure to paint these ....... somewhat similar to one of my favorite artists, Wayne Thiebaud. Thick, rounded shapes with lots of color - giving honor to a gorgeous dessert.


n. rhodes harper said...

My mouth is watering already! But this painting is calorie free! I think I am one of the lucky particpants in your workshop with Carol Marine. I am hoping that maybe you and Carol will offer your demo paintings to the class for a chance to purchase, at the Ken Auster workshop I recently took he set a price and put all peoples names in a bowl who were interested and drew a name for purchase. He also sold some regular paintings at a 50% discount to the class. Just a suggestion but a wonderful way besides a gallery or ebay to buy your work. I am so looking forward to meeting you and Carol and learning so much from you. Happy Painting! Nancy Rhodes Harper

Anonymous said...


What was the red part of the dessert made of?
Just curious.....

Dean H. said...

Just beautiful, Karin...I like how the cheesecake is in vivid delicious color and it is set in the gorgeous subdued color of the background. Makes it really pop! Love your work.


Unknown said...


poop. Heard your class with Carol is mostly sold out and I wanted so badly to come, but March is already booked for me.

(Taking a workshop with artists I admire is on my resolution list AND both you and Carol together were a dream come true.)

If you find that this workshop is so wonderful you want to do it again, please keep us informed!