Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year's Cheesecake

9 x 8"
oil on paper

My splurge last night was my inspiration for the warm-up of today.


mike rooney studios said...

thougt you'd want to know ASAP
clicked link and ebay said "item removed"
just in case you didnt take it off and needed to know there's a problem.
happy new year. love your blog and check it daily. thanks

Karin Jurick said...

thank you mike - the auction just hasn't started yet, set for 9 tonight, eastern time. i appreciate the note.

Unknown said...

Hi Karin,
I admire your restraint in having only one piece of the cheesecake! :-) I have been enjoying each of your blogs in addition to your art. Looking forward to your work in 2008. (What a beautiful studio you have in which to create! Well done!!!!)

AZ Bob said...

Watched and enjoyed your palette video and noted your comment about Fragonard Oils. Just saw today that they are available from Blick.

Quilt knit said...

Hi! Karin: I watched your video several times. I gave synopsis of the video to Katherine Tyrrell. She has had some trouble with videos and blogger in general.
It was a very good review by me.
Cheesecake, you may have the whole cake! They are not near my cup of Tea.
However, how do ship a painting as dark as the cheesecake on such short notice. When I did oils, it always took a long time to dry. So, do you have a video on how you ship out a not totally dry painting?
Just curious, and very interested. Do you use dryers in the paints? Do you varnish them?