Friday, May 11, 2007

My favorite art teacher.

One more thing before I head out this morning.....
I went back to my old high school yesterday. What a trip. The guy I painted on the wall 30 years ago points you to the art room, which was my favorite place to be. My good friend and the best teacher I've ever known, John Soldwedel, was and still is a great influence on my life and I'd like to thank him. He brought out the best in me, challenged me and I remember a long time ago, he told me that because I had talent, I had an obligation to be an artist. I know he's done the same for a hundred other kids throughout the years and we're all better people because of John. He's retiring in a couple of weeks - and I just wanted to tip my hat to my good friend. John - you're the best.


Anonymous said... were doing figures even then!
How fun to go back and visit.
Thanks for taking us with you. ;D

les lull said...

Karin....I have stopped by and visited your blog on numerous occasions and have been in fond admiration of your work. I got caught in a tagging storm and was supposed to tag 7 other artist with blogs. Feel free to accept of decline. The whole deal is explained on my blog.