Monday, October 12, 2015


6 x 8"
oil on panel

I absolutely love the figurative paintings by the British painter Euan Uglow - an easy choice for the letter U in my series ArtistZ.

Uglow's painting method involved a lot of measuring and mathematics, and those markings could often be seen on the finished paintings.  Taken from a biography of Uglow "his measuring process was laborious and time consuming to the point that Uglow himself joked that one model he began painting when she was engaged, was still painting when she got married and did not finish until she was divorced."

What I particularly love is how he painted color in blocks or areas, surprising any viewer with skin tones that include greens, violets, golds, reds, greys, etc.   He, like Lucian Freud,  has taught me so much about painting skin in a bold and realistic way. 


Christine said...

This painting is really lovely. I have not encounter Uglow so it is good to hear about a new artist to check out. The lines in this painting work so nicely. Of, course, I love all your work, but try not to be too much of a groupie!

5minutesfromcool said...

I have a book about Uglow and I love it but I have never seen his painting in person. Could you say where you saw this work?

Karin Jurick said...

I have not seen it in person, it's just one of my favorites of Uglow's.