Monday, March 15, 2010

"Sidewalk Glances"

12 x 12"

Front and center, on the third floor of the Art Institute, hangs Gustave Caillebotte's enormous painting 'Paris Street, Rainy Day' - certainly the biggest crowd-pleaser in the museum. There's plenty of room to not only get up close, but to back up a good 30 - 40 feet and take it all in. When I was a teenager, I would sit on the floor in front of this masterpiece and draw dozens of versions of parts of this urban scene - not knowing I'd paint it dozens of times thirty years later.

My favorite feature of this new piece is the man on the far right, on his way out. I have wanted to add more movement in figures - a slight blur or even a ghost of a shape - just knowing when it's right is the tough part.

And knowing how to get the idea across, without looking like my hand smudged the paint unintentionally is even harder. It's something I'm working on more and more, mostly behind the scenes.

Please click here for a larger view.


Unknown said...


Karen May Studios said...

Hi Karin,
Have you ever run into a situation where you had to get permission from an artist or museum to include a work of art in your pieces? Just curious. I really enjoy your museum/tute works.
Love your work.
-Karen C.

dominique eichi said...

Irit Bourla went to see your work just a few days ago from LA and seeing pics of her by your paintings on her blog really brings in the size of you paintings and how much details you put into them. I hope she got a chance to take a pic of her looking at your work for her to do a painting in a museum "a la Karin"

myra anderson said...


Autumn Leaves said...

Great job with showing movement subtley, Karin. I love that painting within a painting and I swear I am going to get downtown one of these days!

Unknown said...

Even the name is perfect, love the ghostly blur, the colors. Once again, brilliant.

Shelley Ross said...

I had a chance to visit the Montreal Museum of Fine Art while in that city for work last week. Beautiful art hangs in gorgeous multicoloured rooms. And they allow viewers to take non-flash photos! Several times as I looked through my view finder, I thought of your wonderful gallery paintings. Such a magical place, an art gallery. And you capture the feeling wonderfully, in this piece, as you always do.
PS The portait project of you brought a tear to my eye !

Art By Erika said...

I love it when you blur for movement it's very effective and something I forget to do.