Friday, March 19, 2010

"On the Waterfront"

8 x 8"
oil on masonite

I could really dig being right there, on the water's edge, how 'bout you? This painting was a tough one - my brain couldn't quite get the slump from behind - I think I painted and wiped three times until I got it right. It's what you can't see that throws off what you can see. I had to paint this woman - the light, shadows on the chair were wonderful - leaving me with the water, which I did and redid numerous times.

I ended up with a mosaic-like approach that I love. After all, looking at the vast ocean on a bright day can be almost blinding - glistening, sparkling, daubed with color and light. It's just one way to get it on paper - a subject that could be as rigid as a photograph or impressionistic as you want it to be.

Please click here for a larger view.


Sadia said...

Excellent highlights! Great work!

Autumn Leaves said...

Another unique and wonderful painting, Karin. The brush strokes for the water remind me of pointillism a bit and are reminiscent of Sheila Tajima's brush stroke. Beautiful!

Unknown said...

That mosaic look is great, reminds me of the diamond/starlike lights that flick across the surface. And the shadow and slump in the chair, what can I say? You did it again!

Anonymous said...

Came out nice! I like the reflections in the water best!

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised to hear how much your worked at this painting, it turned out beautifully! Love your shadows and water reflections at her feet. This is definitely where I'd love to be, right in your painting, it's breathtaking!