Tuesday, May 5, 2009


4 x 4"
oil on masonite

From the outskirts of a little Alabama town called Guntersville - frankly a place I would move to if I won the lottery. Big lake, state park and a slower pace it seems. As for trucks, I have this desire to paint them - largely due to the influence of William Wray's work.


Carol Schiff Daily Painting said...

Love the light on this!

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Carol took the words right out off my mouth......marvellous

Leslie Saeta said...

You have such a gift ... you can take ordinary subject material (hello ... like a truck!) and make is breathtaking! Wow.

Mark Bridges said...

wonderful, and good perspective.

r garriott said...

Great color!

Honor Bradley said...

Wow! Love the way you captured light. Great job!. Honor

Becky Brocato said...

The light is incredible. What a gift you have. I so enjoy being inspired by your work!

Becky Brocato

Gregory Becker said...

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Or at the very least, talk about it from time to time.
I for one would be grateful for any advice on the subject.
Thank you,