Tuesday, May 26, 2009

"Sharp Right"

4 x 4"
oil on masonite

From a way-back road in the farmlands outside of Lancaster - someone's little slice of heaven with beautiful trees and a tire swing to boot. I thought it odd there was a yellow line telling me to stay in my lane but no warning sign of the sharp right ahead. Goofy.


Anonymous said...

feels like i'm sitting at the back of the car looking out of the back window while you are driving away from the scene... must be a childhood memory. very nostalgic. r.

susan hong-sammons said...

I love the size of these paintings. They're still very powerful despite the scale and quite intimate.
Do you mostly work from your photos?
Also love your clean clean colors and shapes

Glenda Mosher said...

This is delightful Karin! There are similar roads and many farmhouses such as these right where I live. You capture them wonderfully in these small works!

kim denise said...


Gwen Bell said...

Love this composition and the way that bright yellow line is headed straight for that big oak tree. Thank goodness there was a Sharp Right!
The oak tree and house are painted so beautifully and I like those telephone poles...they give the piece a nice balance. The quick strokes on the road lend a real feel of movement.