Saturday, May 9, 2009

"Cab City"

5 x 10"
oil on masonite

Painting cityscapes is daunting, no doubt - although the more I do, the more confident I get. Before I start each one, the decision is made as to what I want the end result to be - more realistic or more impressionistic. Either way, my goal is to portray the atmosphere and try not to get hung up on the details - and I've learned there's several ways to accomplish that. Ways that force me to stay loose.

One way is to stay small. If I had a larger panel in front of me, I know I'd labor over every square inch, every window, every streetlight. Another way is to use a wide brush for every single dab and stroke. You can't nitpick with a honker brush. Sticking with a smaller format is good for learning, practicing - and often can lead to larger, more realized versions.

This scene was taken from Madison Avenue, around 39th Street, facing north - in downtown Manhattan.


Ann Rogers said...

Well, Karin, you have surpassed us all once again! I think most of us were dubious about this challenge, but we "jumped in" anyway and were rewarded with many good surprises! Thanks for the DSFDF network you have created and all of the suggestions along the way! said...

I can hear the honking.

Johnnie Sielbeck said...

Wonderful "honkin'" brushwork -- where are the cabs when you need em?

Cooper Dragonette said...

Great one Karin. I know what you mean about those big cityscapes. They can be daunting. It's also fun to put such a big city onto such a small canvas!