Friday, December 5, 2008

My Newest ArtBook 'a Painting-a-Day Volume Six'

The newest volume of my little artbook 'a painting a day' is now available to purchase. The featured paintings - number 251 thru 300 - can be viewed here.

Update ~ this volume has sold out.

I do have a limited quantity of the previous volumes one thru four, volume five is sold out. Please email me if you are interested. Thank you.


adebanji said...

WoW! I really admire your spirit!

Johnnie Sielbeck said...

Wow! It's so impressive, seeing these 50 paintings as one body of work (one among many); revisiting old favorites (there goes Willy); spotting something I swear I've never seen before (but I look at Karin's site every single day - how could I have missed that?); and really appreciating all that COLOR!!! Congratulations.

Alice Thompson said...

This is my first ArtBook purchase from Karin and I must tell my fellow artists how delightful and resourceful it really is. If you admire Karin's work, you've got to have it. If you own any of these 50 paintings, this catalog is invaluable. If you participated in the DSFDF challenges this becomes essential.

Karin, I love your self portrait on the opening page... it is my favorite of the 50. Maybe someday it will become available for purchase?

Barbara said...

Hi, Karin - My husband gave me your book for Christmas and I just love it! I am so glad I got it before it sold out! Happy New Year to you!