Tuesday, December 30, 2008

"Big Boned"

9 x 12"
oil on masonite

I remember this woman - she towered over me. She had quite a presence, much like the figures in Picasso's 'Three Women at the Spring, Fontainebleau', which hangs in the Metropolitan Museum of Art of New York.

Please click here for a larger view.


Carolyn Finnell said...

I love the way you handle fabric. Crisp and loose. Structural is the word that keeps coming to mind. And I really like the way you rendered the wood floor. Not only is it clearly wood without any of the overworking that can happen with wood grain, there is, somehow, a feeling of motion that gives me the sense of approaching and then receding.

Jeffrey W. Phillips said...

Karin, I simply love your paint application and color saturation. You also do a wonderful job creating a sense of space in your paintings.

Art with Liz said...

You have a wonderful way of painting scenes rather than scenery.

Vern Schwarz said...

Karin, You already know how fantastic I think your paintings are. What I would like to do is thank you for what you have done in the latter part of 2008, and express my utmost appreciation for motivating and inspiring not just me, but many others. I wish you and yours a very happy and rewarding new year.

Jala Pfaff said...

Karin, I love ALL your work and check in on what you're up to very frequently. I'm adding your daily painting blog to my blogroll of favorite artists. Cheers...J

rachelsstudio.com said...

And oh my gosh that's so freakin' awesome you got into International Arteest! Nice work!!