Sunday, December 28, 2008

"Bay Breeze"

8 x 8"
oil on masonite

I suspect the Ferry Building and the weekend market is a ritual for a lot of people who live in San Francisco. You couldn't pick a nicer spot to read the paper, sip a cup of coffee and take in the breeze from the bay. In the distance is the Oakland Bay Bridge, please correct me if I'm wrong.

Please click here for a larger view.


Marian Fortunati said...

You have such a gift for making such ordinary scenes beautiful.

It's great to be there AND to see your wonderful moment in time!

Happy Holidays!

Anonymous said...

I love the light in this one. Great piece.

Amy T said...

You captured that scene so well - I was in that very spot a few weeks ago and I'm always in awe of San Francisco's beauty.

Edward Burton said...

Beautiful painting, Karin! I love it. Off in the distance in the direction she's looking is San Leandro, where I live by the bay. said...

Well, you got out of the museum to take a little sun, and you paint just as well outdoors.

A lovely piece.

Teresa said...

Having grown up in this area this piece really touched my heart - I love your style Karin, there's so much feeling in your work. Beautiful, simply beautiful!

Liz said...

Love your style. Any other artists in the family tree? You remind me so much of Alice Neel. Maybe one day you'll be on th cover of Time and make an appearance on The Late Show, too! :D