Saturday, March 31, 2007


12 x 12"

oil on masonite


My day's work - you know I had fun with this one.

A little larger of a view can be seen here.


Anonymous said...

Oh My Lord....TOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kristin Brown said...

That wall is just beautiful - I want to touch it. Wonderful done!

Todd Bonita said...

What a fun piece. I've always checked out your work and always wanted to leave a comment, you are incredible. So gifted. I love your brush work, you make it look so easy but I know this must have taken miles of canvas to paint like this. OK, enough ego stroking.

All my best to you,

Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

Yes, I want to chime in. I 'discovered' you in late January and am a huge fan! You do make it look too easy! Keep it up, you are an inspiration!