Sunday, March 25, 2007

A Couple of Updates

I have a few updates for you - one is a new feature on my website. I added a new page titled "My Paintings". You'll see an index of paintings broken down into subject matter and a cool, new feature where paintings are grouped according to the city. All of the pieces showcased were done from 2005 to present day and most have been sold. I think you'll enjoy browsing these new pages - it gives you an interesting, over-all view.

Another update is about my little artbooks. I'm working on the new Volume Four, should have copies coming to me on or around April 5th. Also waiting on copies of the other three volumes. My plan is to have all ready to sell by the second week in April.

As always, thanks for the visit and enjoy your Sunday.

Click here to see the new page on my website.


n. rhodes harper said...

Love the changes you made to your website. I am envious of the volume of consistent great work you do. the changes make it so easy to view in a more organized manner!! When I grow up I want to be you.... LOL

Anonymous said...


Your new web sight is great I was looking for Last Dance did I miss it?? I love your work!!


Karin Jurick said...

Jackie - I think you're referring to "Following a Lead" ?
If so, good eye - I just added that one to the Art Patrons page and the Boston page as well. Thanks.

Sarah said...

Looks great Karin, really like seeing the interiors and readers. Great work..good stuff.