Sunday, March 11, 2007

"Wing Tip"

12 x 12"

oil on masonite


I hope you like the title I decided on - my big brother actually suggested it and I immediately loved it. It also sold quickly and I thank all of you who asked about it.

The scene is from the Legion of Honor, in San Francisco, where this magnificent painting, "Love and the Maiden", by John Rodham Spencer Stanhope.

Thanks to everyone who suggested a title and helped me identify the painting and the artist.

Click here if you'd like a larger view.


Anonymous said...

How about "Wings", the angle in the painting has the most amazingly colored wings I ever saw, the woman in the black top has her arm up sorta like a wing and both the woman in the painting and the girl in the blue top have their arms in similar positions almost like broken wings.

Karin Jurick said...

Excellent observations Marti. Thank you for the input.

Unknown said...

hi Karen,

How about gaurdian angel looks like she trying to help

Unknown said...

How about 'Winging It'. Wait a minute, that's kind of what I do when I paint.

Anna L. Conti said...

The painting on the wall is by Edward Bourne-Jones, it's tempera on fabric, and the figures are Psyche & Cupid, although I don't know the title.

Anonymous said...

fallen angel, miss guided,

Anonymous said...

on the tip of her tongue!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous color. love it , Karin.