Thursday, December 14, 2006

"An Open Book"

12 x 12"

oil on masonite


This was one of those moments when I saw the finished painting in my head. I was waiting on a guest, in the hotel's lobby, and spotted this young woman nestled in a big chair in the corner, getting in some good reading time.

This painting is available for purchase through the Cohen-Rese Gallery. Please click on the title to forward to a larger image and contact information.


Anonymous said...

Awesome -- another great interior! My condolences on your evil website bug and program troubles but it's good to see your new paintings, wherever they appear in the 'blogosphere'.

A Painter's Journal said...

This is just incredible. I want to be there, in that most comfortable looking spot. You have such an eye, such a hand.
Wonderful. Good luck with the website/blog stuff too - I hate computers!! (sometimes)

Sharman Owings said...

Your hotel? do you live there or own it? Is there an online place to read about you,not just your art?

Karin Jurick said...

I can see that I worded my description incorrectly.
No - thankfully, I do not own or live in a hotel. :)
Just an occasional guest.