Saturday, December 23, 2006

"Field Trip"

16 x 8"

oil on masonite


I was so happy to return to painting today, it's been too long without. But now the retail part of my life has calmed down and I start back to work in my studio - getting new pieces done for a solo show in February. I'm very excited.

This painting depicts a single-file line of school kids waiting to get into an exhibit in the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. It will be included in my show as well.

For a larger view of this painting, click on the title above the image.

I know a lot of you are getting ready to celebrate Christmas and I wanted to wish you and yours a wonderful holiday. I hope you'll return back after Christmas to see the new daily paintings coming up.


Mark Oberndorf said...

Have a wonderful Christmas, Karin!!

Anonymous said...

You're a great guy Mark.
Have a wonderful wonderful Christmas.

Unknown said...

Hi Karin welcome back! What would it take to buy one of your work on daily painitng Karin? I am always excited to see new work and this one is very nice! Good luck on your show! Have a great christmas.

Sarah said...

Have a lovely Christmas Karin, hope this blog behaves its self. Have a fantastic new year too, very exciting about the solo show, please, please, in Feb, blog pictures of it for those of us too far away to attend. I love your work and wish you every success.
Sarah xx