Saturday, December 30, 2006

"Alone With Nature"

6 x 6"

oil on masonite


I really want to do a larger version of this scene, so I thought to try it out in a small format first, to see how it comes across. I like it. Alot. There's something so unexpectedly amazing about viewing a Bierstadt painting in person. After seeing it in books or in print - the real thing is epic to say the least. This scene was taken from the Smithsonian American Art Museum, in Washington, D.C.


Rebecca Finch said...

I just found your site, your work is beautiful. I love the fresh, high contrast, wet on wet style. Unforgettable.

laura l. sweet said...

Karin, I can't believe how much this beautiful little painting of yours went for! I was watching it and planning on bidding, but it went over 1000 and I simply couldn't do it. But it's stunning. Congrats.