Thursday, August 7, 2014

"A Rainy Night in Chicago"

5 x 7"
oil on panel

This was a tough one.

I started out wanting to keep it very impressionistic and loose, then I started painting in each window like a nutball - took a break for dinner - came back to it and forced myself to paint the remainder with a wide brush.  I'm kinda amazed I finished it, and just the way I pictured it in my head in the beginning.  Yay.

This view is from a high floor in the Fairmont Hotel on North Columbus Drive - on a very rainy night in the city.  You can make out the Sheraton Towers on the right with its glowing tower.


Sue Marrazzo Fine Art said...

A REAL Beauty!

Kathy Weber said...

I love this.

sparrow said...

I like it very much

Anonymous said...

Karin, this is Gorgeous! You pulled it off wonderfully!!!