Wednesday, February 29, 2012


6 x 6"
oil on masonite

Whenever I'm approaching New York City and see the skyline, I get butterflies in my stomach - it is so enormous, so fantastic, so dense, so busy. It's kinda scary. I feel like I'm leaving one country and stepping into another. Once I'm there, that all turns into excitement and energy - and I am in awe. We were a part of the heartbeat for eleven days and it was unforgettable. My workshop was, again, a fantastic experience - it is the greatest city to photograph and paint.

Leaving the island, I usually feel a slight relief - back on familiar territory. This was our last glimpse of the skyline, from across the Hudson River - and we were now on our way to reunite with friends in New Jersey, and where we left our car. This isn't the end of my series ATL to NYC & Back - but it's the last glimpse of that amazing part of our trip.


Jane said...

As the song goes' Leaving New York's never easy....' I think this applies very well here. You made a fantastic tribute to the 'Big Apple' ! said...

Love this - it brings back great memories.Your technique is fabulous - truly!