Sunday, July 10, 2011

"The Patriot"

6 x 6"
oil on masonite

Adding to my series ATL to NYC & Back - it was Thursday, our first full day in the city, the rain had finally given way to a slightly sunny morning. We headed to where my workshop was to take place, around 89th & 5th, fueled up with breakfast, then walked to the Metropolitan Museum of Art - a goldmine of people-watching inside and outside. I spotted this sharp-dressed man in his red, white and blue, resting on a bench along the front of the museum.


DamiĆ£o Vieira said...

Hello Karin Jurick, a taste is always a visit to your blog. With its themes full of soul and heart. And the nostalgia of times DSFDF.
From a fan this side of the Atlantic, in my country Portugal.
Congratulations and all good.

Wyllie said...

Love the painting, as I really enjoy all of your museum work.

Cheryl Quist said...

This is very nice Karin! I love the subtle patriot colors... I'm a dual Can/USA citizen so I keep one foot in each door :-)

Anonymous said...

Karen, you manage to put a surprising touch of whimsy into your work. Come and draw some caricatures with me in KC. Very nice!

Warm Regards, Eileen