Wednesday, November 19, 2008

"Rainbow Walk"

6 x 6"
oil on masonite

I think the real gift an artist has is the ability to see the world a little brighter, a little more colorful - even in the simplest moments. From a city sidewalk in Washington, DC.

This same subject was the past week's challenge on my Different Strokes From Different Folks Blog, resulting in 82 different artistic versions of the original reference photograph. I asked the participants to turn the photo upside-down and paint 95% of their piece inverted - to exercise the brain in a different way. I did the same. By doing so, you paint what you 'see', rather than what you 'know'.


Art By Erika said...

Karin your works make me overly eager for Thanksgiving feast because you make things so inviting, rich and creamy. I think it's a great gift you have for making your vision so inviting! said...

Nothing new to say just another run of the mill excellent painting. I'm looking for a car wreck like they do at the auto races. Eventually you HAVE to fail, although I don't see any impending signs.

lostinarc said...

Hey Friend i love all your paintings...all are amazing and very difrent from each other...great art works.

Theresa Rankin said...

Karin I check your work faithfully and it is always wonderful. I have tagged you because your work is great and you blog so may come back to mine to see how its played but the choice to pass it along is all yours.

Lorna Smith said...

Just found your beautiful paintings and blog...lovely.
Lorna X