Monday, November 3, 2008


5 x 7"
oil on masonite

Feeling particularly democratic - I chose the U.S. Capitol Building as my subject today, as well as the weekly challenge on my Different Strokes Blog. This view is from 7th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, in Washington, DC - where I just returned from a quick and enjoyable couple of days. Love that city. I stress - if you find yourself there - you must visit the American Art Museum/National Portrait Gallery. An often-overlooked stop, but the best art collection in the area.

Now get out there and VOTE.


Art By Erika said...

I voted (last week)! Oh you got that yummy creamy look I love it!

Jean Victory said...

I love the lighting in this piece...beautiful. said...

I'm always so pleasantly delighted to look at your work. You make the design/values/colors/edges come together for a cohesive painting that is fun to look at.

Marilyn Farrell Webberley said...

Karin - this is wonderful! I love the atmosphere you capture in your work. You say so much in such a small space. Always love to see what comes next!
All the best,

Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

You make me want to be there - the light is so soft, suffused with atmosphere - fantastic.