Wednesday, October 29, 2008


9 x 12"
oil on masonite

This painting was taken literally from my photograph - her sweater really did match the blue in the Warhol painting. So I had the choice of changing that, which would seem to make more sense, only I remember the moment I saw her in front of this painting - thinking she could very well have been part of the piece. And it added some fun.

This painting will be included in 16 Patton's upcoming show Small Works: Little Gems, opening November 22nd. Please click here for a larger view.

Other stuff to mention ........ if you haven't looked at the 83 different cow paintings and drawings on my blog Different Strokes From Different Folks, you're missing out. There are some incredible pieces - kudos to the artists who participated.

Also ...... I'm outtahere for a couple of days for marathon picture taking in our nation's capitol. I must be feeling patriotic these days. Happy trails and I'll be back this weekend.


adebanji said...

This piece works together brilliantly!

Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

I'm glad you kept her sweater the same color - she's part of the painting as well as looking at it! Very nice, and thank you for doing the 'weekly challenge' - I would love to take you up on it one of these days! Enjoy the Capital - it's beautiful.

Mona Diane Conner said...

If you believe in the energetics of color---color as healing, the idea is that people gravitate to wearing and spending time around the color they need more of. Based on this idea it would make sense that if she likes to wear this color, (I noticed the same blue is also in the stripes on her bag and in her jeans) she would also be drawn to the color in the painting. It's a great painting too, but this is why I liked the decision to keep her color intact.

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Karin,

I like the keen observation and
humour in this painting. Superb.


Carl said...

I just love your figure studies in the museums and galleries!
I took a photo of my with at the Turner exhibit in the National gallery while she was not looking and am going to try a stab at a watercolor of the scene.

Thanks for the inspiration. I stop in often to visit your wonderful paintings.