Tuesday, October 14, 2008

"Crash Test"

3 x 11"
oil on masonite

Okay - I haven't managed to put that paintbrush down yet. I'm determined to get in my car, first thing in the morning, and get on with that road trip. Really ~ I will.

Seeing this image of the trading floor of the New York Stock Exchange - just about every minute of every day, on the news channels, in the paper, as I close my eyes to go to sleep - I picked this timely subject for the newest challenge on my blog Different Strokes From Different Folks. The other paintings submitted so far are great - take a look.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps you should have named it, "Crash Test Dummies"? Or is that the rest of us? Nice work anyway, as usual.


Barbara Muir said...

I'm always delighted to see
how you handle a topic you set
up. The long, thin slice seems
apt, when the downturn feels like
a knife in the back of ordinary
people -- like artists.

Great image.


n warner said...

That's deep...and a good look down at the diminishing returns.
Love the title.

Great one Karin.


Anonymous said...

hi Karin, your "Different Strokes" is a fantastic idea! It's REALLY fascinating to see all the artists working from a single image. Thanks for your time and effort you put into this~

One of these days I'll have to work up my nerve and join the fun:-)

David Lobenberg said...

Great painting. Love the simplicity of your brush strokes and the vertical format. Don't know about you, but banks and financial people reeeealy piss me off of late!

http://www.onpainting.wordpress.com said...

Absolutely great title to go with a good painting.

Anita said...

I just found your blog through Jeanette Jobson's - what a pleasure! Really lovely to see!