Sunday, February 3, 2008

A Preview of my February Show


Sarah said...

fantastic Karin, best of luck with the show the work is fab and I am sure that you will scrub up well too!
Sarah xx

Anonymous said...

Good Luck, Karin ....i'm sure it will be a sell out.

I love "Girly!" I've always loved that Cassatt of the little girl in the yellow hat.

Cheryl Pass said...

Karin, loved the video/slide show and the jazz! Beautifully done. Good luck with the show. These are all wonderful...will no doubt be snapped up in a rush!!
Have fun!

Anonymous said...

How cool. Beautiful paintings, wonderful music, perfect timing right down to the applause at the end. Once again you've put together a wonderful show. Much success to your show.

Making A Mark said...

One of the best art show videos I've seen on a blog by a blogger - if not the best. The added extras of music I enjoyed listening to and the title and size superimposed on each image edged it up a big notch for me.

Have a blast on Saturday night - and I'll be sending you a lot of visitors on Sunday and Monday!

Unknown said...

A perfect little film, loved the paintings and the titles and sizes, as well as the great music.Good luck at the show...I'm sure you will do well...I greatly admire your work and have a link to you on my blog.