Sunday, December 9, 2007

"Glory Be"

8 x 10"

oil on masonite


In this new piece, G is for Glory Be - a woman quietly sitting in the company of El Greco's "The Assumption of the Virgin", which hangs high in Art Institute of Chicago.

This painting was done in the memory of my dad, John - 100% of the winning bid will be donated to the Sisters of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Home, who took great care of my father and allowed him to pass with dignity. For that, I am eternally grateful.


Georgette said...


Beautiful painting and a wonderful cause. Glory Be and Thanksgiving to the Sisters and blessed be you for your gratitude and support. You honor your father's memory well and do him proud.

krf said...

The one thing I always notice in an El Greco are his reds and the blues.
You did a great job of getting them right.

I love your pictures from the Art Institute. They make me want to ditch my desk and go down there, instead.

Making A Mark said...

What a nice way to remember your father.

I'm guessing that maybe now is an anniversary? It's always good to mark a passing. I'm a great believer in the notion that you're never really dead until there's nobody left who remembers you.

Karin Jurick said...

It's my way of remembering how the Sisters helped my family - and thousands of others in that situation. All free of charge. So every Christmas, for the past 17 years, I give what I can. There's something comforting about being blessed by the nuns - makes the new year feel right.

Alvin Richard said...

It is a beautiful piece, very introspective and contemplative. The fact that the figure is seated gives the viewer the impression that we should pause and reflect on our own lives more often. Best wishes with the auction.

Deborah Paris said...

Very powerful image Karin. Both my parents were in hospice at the end and I too was and still am grateful for the care and support. They do God's work and you are too with your gift.

Don Gray said...

Wonderful painting, Karin. Rich with meaning.