Sunday, December 30, 2007

eBay Policy

The auction for my painting "Hopper House" was abruptly pulled by eBay, because I unintentionally violated a policy by using the word "inspired" in the title for the auction. I did not know ~ as an artist, I never thought of the word 'inspired' as being a bad thing. My fault, I haven't checked on listing policies in a long time. I've sold on eBay for over four years and never had an auction pulled ~ and I apologize to those who placed their bids.

~ I'll keep you all informed. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Curiosity is getting the best of me. lol What was wrong with using "inspired" on ebay, if you don't mind me asking? I love the painting - reminds me of my childhood home in the country.


Karin Jurick said...

here's ebay's explanation:

Sellers can only include a brand name under certain limited conditions. For example, sellers can't make a comparison to the functionality of a brand or celebrity name, or other item, in a listing title. However, sellers can make *one* comparison to functionality in the subtitle or description as long as the listing doesn't confuse members about who manufactured the item. (More than one comparison will cause the listing to be removed.)

In addition, the following words and phrases are generally *not* permitted in the title because they will produce unsatisfactory search results for buyers looking for particular items:
- Style
- Not
- Inspired by
- Similar to
- Better than
- As worn by
- The brand name followed by a question mark -- for example, "Chanel?"

now i know.

NSABOB said...

Be inspired anyway Karen. Another thought about the series work, think of Andrew Wyeth. Need I say more? Bob

NSABOB said...

I can't resist-My List of words artists don't want to hear.

Be Back
Better than your old stuff
To expensive
Your Stuff
Too small
Too big
Can you make it red
I'll wait