Thursday, November 1, 2007

Small Works Show at the Howard/Mandville Gallery

I'm very proud to be included in a Small Works Show at the Howard/Mandville Gallery - and HUGELY proud to have one of my paintings featured in the ad for the show, which is running in both the American Art Collector's Magazine and Southwest Art. Gulp. Seeing my painting in a magazine is tripping me out folks.

For a preview of all the works available in the show please click here.


Barbara Pask said...

I really enjoyed looking over the paintings for this show, thank you. You're in great company, looked to be some very fine artists involved. Good luck to you. Thanks, Barb

Anonymous said...

Your work has been an inspiration to many artists and art lovers. Seeing your talent showcased in national magazines is a well earned tribute to your talent and hard work. Kudos to you.

Andrea Kowch said...

Congratulations, Karin. I have been admiring your work for quite some time, and it was such a nice surprise to find your work while flipping through Southwest Art. Keep up the beautiful work!

Best of luck to you,