Thursday, November 8, 2007


6 x 6"

oil on masonite


I am starting a new series of small paintings, following the alphabet from A to Z, not necessarily being the obvious, like "A for Apple". It's really a personal exercise for me to use my brain and get some daily direction. Sometimes it's just hard to know what to paint next. In this new piece, A is for Actor - in fact, the talented Dustin Hoffman, who casually walked by as I was people-watching on Park Avenue, in the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

A couple of additional things to mention....... I've been happily obsessed with learning iMovie and using my new camcorder, but I'm back to painting today and hopefully I'll have a few movies for you to watch in the near future. Secondly, the bidders on my auctions will now be private - a change I don't like, but it'll prevent unwanted, bogus "second chance offers".


Anonymous said...

When I saw the title Actor, I immediately recognized that it was Dustin Hoffman before I read your text.

Georgette said...

I concur with Janet, you captured Dustin's posture and stride perfectly. What a great concept to broaden your vision!

n. rhodes harper said...

I agree I knew it was Dustin! Too cool Karin. I wish my brain worked like yours! Brilliant.

James said...

It's amazing how little detail it takes to capture a well known look. Good job, Karin!

Anonymous said...

I remember when you showed me this photo ref. and immediately recognized it!
Great job as usual!

FCP said...

Hi Karin,
I also recognized the actor before I read it--wow, great job. I love the composition, and look forward to seeing the rest of the alphabet--great idea for a theme!

Randi said...

Karin - thanks so much for the movies - I love them and that is very generous of you to make them and to share them - you are an inspiration to me Karin- thanks for painting :-)

Anonymous said...

KJ, with the money that is flooding the NYC art market, you should really think of seeking representation there. I could make some introductions if you'd like, but only if you paint a "J is for Jeffrey" for me.


Mira said...

Dustin or not, I like your choice of color and composition. Your alphabet idea is a good one too. What will B be? Or 2 b or not 2 b . . . [okay I'm being corny on your blog, sorry! ] :^)