Wednesday, September 26, 2007

"Rehobeth Beach"

12 x 12" oil on masonite


What goes along with experimenting is failure - which was yesterday's painting, 5 hours of work and wiped off in 30 seconds. Today was much better. It all clicked. And I'm looking at, what may be, my top 10 personal favorites. It's not the subject matter so much as it's simply how I want to paint.

This was a bright, summer day at Rehobeth Beach, Delaware - a few days before Labor Day weekend. Please click here if you'd like a larger view.

This painting has sold.


Myra Anderson said...

Wonderful painting! When it first came up on my computer I thought I was AT the beach!

Bob said...

I do not believe that you failed yesterday. Your brush put me into the street. I felt as though I should take off my jersey.
To-day I am trying to locate my swimming trunks. You are so much better when painting outside. Your Museum Pics may pay the rent, but your outside pics give me much more pleasure.

craigstephens said...

Fantastic! Your figures are always so natural but what really grabs me in this one is that subtle wave top and the way you managed to capture the slope of the sand.

Cooper Dragonette said...

Love that wave Karin. So simple and lots of energy in a few brushstrokes!

Helen Read said...

I really like this too! Great sense of place.