Tuesday, September 18, 2007

"Direct Connect"

9 x 12"

oil on masonite


As I was working on this new piece, I thought this was a good example of a key element to figure drawing/painting and I wanted to share it with you. I drew a red line connecting the center of the neckbone, to the tailbone and down to the heel of the foot to show that weight and balance, no matter what the size of a person is, always lines up this way. Naturally. In other words, when we stand up, the weight of our body either rests on one leg/foot or on both. Where the weight is put on should connect straight up to the center of the back of the neck. I learned that a million years ago and never forgot it.

This painting hopefully conveys the direct connection we feel when we have the pleasure of viewing a work of art in person.

Please click here for a larger view.


Alvin Richard said...

Superb, love the little details on the shoulder bag that sort of reflects "les nymphéas" in Monet's painting.

Dani Brandimarte said...

Great tip, thanks for sharing!

kim shields said...

I have never heard that before about the straight line. Now I know why your figures always have so much personality in their stance. Thank you for sharing with us. I love your work!

Anonymous said...

I too want to thank you for sharing. I did not know that about the line either.

Your art is really beautiful.

Bejoy Zac said...

This piece of art is too good. Thanks for the tip you had given. I'll try out that in my next painting.Its really giving a feeling of "be there" in front of a painting in an art gallery.