Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Work in Progress.

I've been working on this new painting for the past two days - there's a little bit more to do on the far right and bottom. I mentioned I have the opportunity to put a painting into this special exhibition, here in Atlanta, and to me, that's an invitation to do something different than I normally do.

Now this can end up being a good painting or a collosal waste of two days. I'm still not sure which way it'll go. The reason I picked this image is because it's mostly about the composition (there's a third figure to the right) and the light (in this case a blinding light) and less about the figures. I do know, when I was standing in this room, that vision really struck me - and I suppose that's why I'm determined to make this work.

Your feedback would be welcome - good or bad. In my defense (before you start typing) the dark areas do have a tad bit more detail than you can see. Being wet, it's tricky to get the most accurate photograph, as most of you know. Okay..... I'm ready. Start typing.


n. rhodes harper said...

I like the concept and the blinding light with the people in shadows. One concern I have is, will the person on the right lose their head when the painting is framed? Since there is such a small amount of the head showing? Even though there is so much light coming into the room, to me the room feels very cool and comfortable a refuge on a hot day. I really like the reflections on the floor.

Bob said...

Please don't be offended Karin, but I don't think that this is your best work.
I would have rather seen definition in the people in the forground. To me it seems a waste to place the two front figures in the frame. But then, what do I know. I still think that your work is trully amazing.

laura l. sweet said...

I totally disagree with Bob.

I think this is a big move for you...and in the right direction!

I love that you have attempted something that is backlit. I'm happy to see you break out of your comfort zone. I love that we are confronting the faces of your subjects, I love the treatment of the city skyline outside and the hghly reflective floors.

Regarding the other post about the person worried about cutting off the head of the subject on the right when framing? Just put it in a float frame!

Frankly, I just love this!!!