Monday, February 20, 2017

The Art of Protest

 Every so often I take a day off.

~ Happy Presidents' Day


Brer Briar said...

Put the apostrophe after "presidents".

Gillian St George - Painting with Passion said...

I signed up to support your art not all this negativity.

sue said...

I have cancelled receiving your blog because you choose to be political, not artistic.

Karin Jurick said...

I go to where the people are to take photos for paintings. What's political about that?

Crazy Ravens Studio said...

I will support you here, Karin. Keep on painting.

sue said...

Is that a serious question? - what is political about that?

Are you saying that if it's photography of a person it necessarily isn't political? Are you saying that a photo of a person in a swing and a photo of a person at a political protest are no different? Surely you know that what you photograph defines if it is political, pornographic, religious, etc. You seem to be saying that a photo of a person is only that but people are expressions of something and in this case, they are being political.

I feel like I am explaining the obvious. What am I missing here?

pauline said...

These people who say "I've chosen to cancel your blog because you choose to be political and not artistic" make me laugh.
We can't be both?
Karin - you are an incredibly sensitive and honest artist.
The fact that you are interested in "what's going on in the world" (yes, that includes the US) tells me that you are also compassionate and intelligent. Anyone who followed your blog for any length of time already knows this about you.
Having a political opinion makes you no less an artist.
If anything, it gives me hope that you "choose" not to look the other way,
and "choose" instead to document the truth as you see it.
Thank you for this.
I for one will continue to follow, because I LOVE YOUR ART.

thuy said...

It would be an interesting social experiment if you went to a Trump rally and then posted pictures. How many of your readers would unfollow your blog? I bet Sue would resubscribe in a snap!

Relevant: Can't stop looking at your Bust-ed portraits. Thank you.