Friday, January 31, 2014

"200 Faces, No. 134"

6 x 6"
oil on panel

I'm back to painting today, happily.   You may have heard it started snowing in Atlanta on Tuesday around noon.  Within an hour, the city and suburbs was in gridlock.

I liken it to every Halloween - when at 2 or 3, the whistle blows and kids load into buses and parents get on the roads and every street, highway, road is a traffic jam for hours.  That's life in Atlanta.  Add snow and ice to the situation and it's a disaster.

Us?   We were home by the time it started.  And we didn't leave until yesterday afternoon.  Zac and Joey had their first intro to snow and loved it, like most dogs.  I love snow days.

Frankly, it was too frigid in my studio to even entertain the thought of painting.  Now it's more than comfy out here.

A new addition to my ongoing series BUST-ED  -  a young woman that I ended up with a more classic portrait, chosen for her hair.  I always need practice with painting hair.


art by Michael Perchard said...

Great art here Karen! I love this portrait. I love the angle of the face. Great use of the medium! Very, very nice.
I did see quite a bit about the snow in Atlanta! Wow! Must have been quite an experience. I hope the children in the area loved their snow day!
We get quite a bit of snow in New England and I love it!
Take care.

Regula Scheifele said...

Karen - so happy to know that you and Brett and the boys are ok!
This portrait is amazing. It does have a very classical feeling to it, both the woman and your rendering. I could almost see her in a Jane Austin novel - where her biggest 'crime' would have been to use the wrong fork for the starter... Love it!

Christine said...

Karin, when I opened this I first thought it was Rob Rey's., although on second look I could see your signature style..very light it....I am still planning on coming to Chicago in June...haven't signed up yet, but still have it on my adgenda

suzanneberry said...

i am deeply in love with this portrait and your skills!!!

Unknown said...

Karin, always impressed with your talent. Please get in touch okay. Nanci

hmuxo said...

You did an outstanding job with this portrait, Karin. She's the skin tones and that perfect brush work!!!