Wednesday, April 3, 2013

"At The Brandywine"

8 x 8"
oil on panel

I thought I'd keep working on the bright red ground today and chose an image that had lots of warm reds/golds.   It's experimental really.  I want it loose and I want to use the red ground in spots and edges.  You see it peeking through in many places - the trick is when to let it peek through and just compliment the colors.

A visitor standing before two of N. C. Wyeth's paintings - 'Painting of Native American' on the left and 'On The October Trail, A Navajo Family' on the right.  N. C. Wyeth is in the top 5 artists for me personally, along with Andrew and Jamie Wyeth, so visiting the Brandywine Museum of Art is always a thrill for me.


Unknown said...

Yes I see the red peeking through! I tried once to paint on a coral background and it confused me so much I started over!!!!! Congrats Karin, I love this one! Bobby

Terri Buchholz said...

N.C.Wyeth is one of my top favorites as well - in fact I gave my son the middle name of Wyeth for that reason. So although I love all of your paintings, this one is extra special. And a trip to the Brandywine country is definitely on my bucket list. Beautiful painting!

Linda Roth said...

Very interesting. I like the effect; it lends bravado. Your paintings of museum goers are wonderful.